Position paper on Low Carbon Resource Efficient Affordable Housing


This Position Paper was commissioned by the Swiss development Agency (SDC) as a complementary research study to the CapaCITIES project. The context of this research has been the city of Rajkot in Gujarat. The Municipal Corporation of Rajkot has an active Affordable housing program and this paper presents a perspective on the potential of the resource and energy efficiency at the city as well as the state level. It discusses these potentials being also guided by the objectives of the SDGs and that of low carbon development according to COP21.

The resulting Position Paper covers the following aspects:

  1. The trends of urbanization and the demand for affordable housing at the State level and development in the cities.
  2. The need and importance of low carbon and resource efficiency in housing.
  3. Analysis of the present situation of affordable housing in the state and with particular reference to the CapaCITIES partner city as a representative case.
  4. Evaluation of its potential in addressing the issue of low carbon and resource efficient construction.
  5. Recommendations – technical and policy.

To download the report,CLICK HERE