Supporting Climate Action from Planning, Conceptualization to Implementation and Replication

The CapaCITIES Phase II project engages with national, state and city level governments, to enhance capacities of select Indian cities to plan and implement climate resilience actions by mainstreaming and integrating climate actions (adaptation and mitigation) into urban planning processes. The project is also supporting the city and state governments to access finance for scaling up the urban climate actions and will enhance knowledge on accelerating city climate action at the national and global level through its knowledge sharing, peer learning and capacity building activities.

Impact of CapaCITIES Phase 1 in the Project Cities

Implementation of Pilot Projects on Climate Resilience

102200m3/ year

Biogas generation

257060kWh/ year

Renewable energy generated

6000 tCO2e/ year

GHG emission reduced

Potential of Climate Resilient Action Plans Developed by the Cities

60 Billion INR

Cost of Climate interventions

6.9 Billion INR

Secured under Municipal Budget

2 million tCO2e

Annual GHG emission reduction

GHG Emission Reduction Targets Set by Cities for 2022-23 from 2015 Levels

Coimbatore: 33%

Udaipur: 18%

Siliguri: 14.8%

Rajkot: 14%


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1 week ago

Nilesh Prajapati
School No. 93 has planted trees in waste plastic bottles, waste PVC pipes, waste milk bags, used tyres and other disposable items to reuse the waste. By sharing such information with Rajkot Municipal Corporation; they have received an E-Certificate.We can also adopt 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and claim our E-Certificate from Asia CapaCITIESશાળા નં. 93માં બિનજરૂરી વસ્તુઓના પુનઃઉપયોગ માટે વેસ્ટ પ્લાસ્ટિક બોટલ, પીવીસી પાઇપ, વેસ્ટ મિલ્ક બેગ, વપરાયેલ ટાયર અને અન્ય ડિસ્પોઝેબલ વસ્તુઓમાં વૃક્ષારોપણ કરવામાં આવ્યું છે. રાજકોટ મહાનગરપાલિકા સાથે આવી માહિતી શેર કરીને; તેમણે પોતાનું ઈ-સર્ટિફિકેટ પણ મેળવ્યું છે.ચાલો આપણે પણ 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) અપનાવીએ અને પરથી ઇ-સર્ટિફિકેટ મેળવીએ.PMO India Narendra Modi CMO Gujarat Bhupendra Patel Pankaj Kumar, IAS Dr Pradip Dav Swachh Survekshan Swachh Bharat Mission, India Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs ICLEI-South Asia ... See MoreSee Less
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