visit to Udaipur

Expert visit to Udaipur

Ms. Simone Bützer, Environmental Engineer, Hunziker Betatech AG from Switzerland, visited the project city of Udaipur from November 19 to November 24, 2016. The expert was accompanied by Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula from ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia.

During the visit, the team met Mr Sidharth Sihag, Commissioner, Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC); Mr. Arun Vyas, Superintending Engineer, UMC; Mr. B.L. Kothari, Executive Engineer – Water, UMC; and Mr. Anil Metha, Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic – a third party consultant. The expert visit led to assessment of information available in the Detailed Project Reports (DPR) prepared by the city cooperation, site visits to the walled city area, the pump station and the existing STP located in Manwa Kheranear Kaladwas Village, operated by the Hindustan Zinc Limited.

Other key activities accomplished in the visit included analysis of the present situation of the city with regard to the key sectors of sanitation and sewerage and storm water drainage; evaluation of different measures which can be taken to improve the current situation; identification of different climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience actions; and categorization of the measures in categories of short/long-term projects.