visit to Coimbatore City

Project Implementation Team Visits Coimbatore City

Date: July 25-26, 2016

In pursuance of the CapaCITIES project, the implementation team of CapaCITIES project visited the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) on July 25-26, 2016. The team met the Commissioner, CCMC, the Honorable Mayor and stakeholders to this project. Site visits to SUNYA project Ward 23, Vellalore compost yard, Vellalore vermi compost plant, local water bodies, Ukkadam STP and solar power plant installed at the STP were organised.

The delegates who visited the city include:

1) Mr. Shirish Sinha, Deputy Head Swiss Cooperation Office India, Embassy of Switzerland
2) Mr. Alexander Luchinger, CapaCITIES Implementation Agency
3) Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, CapaCITIES Implementation Agency
4) Mr. Reto Dettli, CapaCITIES Implementation Agency

Meeting with Commissioner and CCMC Officials

The team met the Commissioner at the Corporation office on July 25, 2016. The Corporation officials who attended the meeting along with the Commissioner include Mr. G.Rajendran, City Engineer, Mr. T.Gnanavel and Mr. Srinivasan, Executive Engineers, Mr. Karuppusamy, Assistant Executive Engineer.  

Shirish Sinha from SDC outlined the CapaCITIES project and introduced the members of the consortium. The team members were provided with an insight about the implementation of the project. The Commissioner expressed his gratitude to the team for having selected Coimbatore as one of the cities under this project in India. He also suggested that the following projects could be considered under CapaCITIES quick-win implementation:

  • Rejuvenation of local water bodies Implementation of solar power plants,involving stakeholders through crowd-funding, in the Corporation’s selected schools and hospitals
  • Value to be added for the Corporation Green Building Code
  • Conversion of some Corporation schools / hospitals to green buildings
  • Installation of air pollution monitoring systems at key junctions
  • Review of more revenue earning models in parking system
  • Value addition to the 30 km NMT roads proposed under smart city project
  • Conversion of Corporation open lands into green spaces
  • Automation of water supply in the pilot ward ward and it may be considered in the newly added areas of the Corporation

Stakeholders meeting held at the Corporation Main Office Conference Hall

List of participants:

  1. Mr. Dr. K.Vijayakarthikeyan IAS, Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation
  2. Mrs.P.Gandhimathi, Deputy Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation
  3. Mr. Shirish Sinha, Deputy Director of Cooperation, SDc
  4. Mr. Alexander Heinrich Luchinger, CapaCITIES Implementation Agency
  5. Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, CapaCITIES Implementation Agency
  6. Mr. Reto Jonannes Dettli, CapaCITIES Implementation Agency
    Mr. G.Rajendran, City Engineer, Coimbatore Corporation
  7. Mr. T.Gnanavel, Executive Engineer, Coimbatore Corporation
  8. Mr. Srinivasan, Executive Engineer, Coimbatore Corporation
  9. Mr. Karuppusamy, Asst. Executive Engineer, Coimbatore Corporation
  10. Mr. Paramasivam, Asst. Executive Engineer, Coimbatore Corporation