STP Tender Inclusions In Udaipur

Ms.Simone Bützer, Environmental Engineer, Process Engineer STPs and Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, Environmental Engineer, ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia, provided assistance to the Commissioner, Udaipur Municipal Corporation in the form of inclusions that could be made for their tender documents for three Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).
Process requirements such as screen sizes, pump volumes, flow measurement, grit removal, sludge retention time and monitoring & sampling requirements were suggested. Process guarantees such as power consumption and flow measurement at the various stages were also asked to be indicated. Providing detailed engineering drawings, indicating IS standards for the materials used and ensuring a maintenance and control plan for all devices was stressed upon.

Bioremediation, Resource Recovery and Land Reclamation of Old Solid Waste Dump site at Tithardi; Assessment of the project and recommendations for further procedure

Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, ICLEI South Asia and Mr. Stephan Textor, Textor Engineering Ltd. assisted the Udaipur Municipal Corporation in their bid document titled ‘Bioremediation, Resource Recovery and Land Reclamation of Old Solid Waste Dump site at Tithardi by adopting appropriate Scientific Treatment & Disposal Technology’ for the Smart Cities Mission.
The recommendations were based on the SWM Rules 2016 and included a three-step procedure along with the results expected from each of them. The steps included a number of sub tasks that needed to be fulfilled. The durations for the steps were also specified.
Step 1:Getting the necessary information from the old dumpsite
Step 2:Evaluation of and decision for best solution for remediation
Step 3:Preparation of the bid document for remediation of old solid waste dump site at Tithardi

Report on Assessment of Landfill Gas Potential and Waste Characterisation at the Tithardi Dumpsite

Under the CapaCITIES project, the UMC and Udaipur Smart City Limited (USCL) have shown an interest to take upprojects related to municipal solid waste management which conform to the MSW rules, 2016. UMC is also keen to implement projects related to waste-to-energy. In this context, UMC and USCL appoched us to conduct a study on Landfill Gas (LFG) emission and evaluate the potential of redevelopment of Tithardi Dumpsite.

The main objectives of the study were:

  • Evaluation of technical consideration LFG project development, including estimates of the amount of recoverable LFG and potential for bioremediation of the dumpsite.
  • Examining available LFG utilization options including power generation, direct use and flaring only projects.
  • Evaluating potential of redevelopment of the dumpsite, including development of park or a proper closure and recultivation of the surface.
Landfill Gas Survey at Teethardi Dumpsite

The Draeger x-am 7000 device was used to measure concentration of three gases i.e. CH4, CO2 and O2 in the 21 sampling points fixed using a grid of 25 x 25m. Apart from the LFG survey, a waste characterisation survey was also conducted to distinguish the types of waste in the landfill.

The results of the assessment of landfill gas potential and waste characterisation of samples indicated very low present and future LFG production due to the age and composition of the waste. It was therefore recommended to close the landfill in accordance with the stipulation of the MSW (Management & Handling) Rules 2017 and as per design recommendations given in the CPHEEO MSW manual 2016, with particular attention to be given to the impacts of ground water quality downstream.

The report prepared by Mr. Rahul Singh, ICLEI South Asia, Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, ICLEI South Asia and Mr. Stephan Textor, Textor Engineering Ltd., was submitted to the Udaipur Municipal Corporation .