Bankable Projects  in Rajkot

1. Rooftop Solar PV in Residential buildings (expanding on quick-win project for affordable housing)

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (MC) is currently starting to build Solar PV plants on the rooftop of social housing buildings. Based on the quick-win, MC wants to replicate solar PV plant providing electricity for shared services, that will be built by an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company with O&M. MC is looking for alternative funding models, as the EPC model requires substantial upfront investment by the municipality. CapaCITIES will evaluate alternative models like Renewable Energy Service Companies (RESCOs) or even Independent Power Producer (IPP).

2. E-rickshaws (integrated in last-mile connectivity project), Bike sharing scheme + NMT improvements project

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (MC) would like to improve transport management in the city and promote e-mobility, building on the existing Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) line and other public buses. It has secured funding for the procurement of 5 new e-buses but also wants to promote e-rickshaws and bike sharing. Currently it is considering ways to tender out the e-buses and exploring the possibility / feasibility to combine the tender with e-rickshaws and public bike sharing procurement (which should be financed by operators themselves).