The consortium consists of three consortium members, South Pole Group (lead function), ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability South Asia and econcept, in cooperation with a broad range of sub-contracted partner organisations, covering a wide range of technical expertise and relevant experience in India and Switzerland.

Implementation Agency (IA)

The IA reports to SDC and is guided by a Steering Committee. The IA is composed of the Project Management Team, the city coaches, the Project Management Unit (PMU) and the pool of experts.

City Coaches

In order to ensure the desired participatory process with the partner cities, a City Coach approach was proposed. For each partner city, a local City Coach from ICLEI South Asia (along with locally based support staff) is responsible for supporting each city throughout the entire duration of the project.

Project Management Unit (PMU)

The PMU is the management body of the Project, which is in charge of the day to day implementation, co-ordination, monitoring of the work progress and the deliveries and, if necessary, of proposing of adjustments of the implementation schedule related to the Project.
Each PMU city-team has two co-heads: the city coach and the head of the municipal capaCITIES team. The city coach is part of the IA. The head of the municipal capaCITIES team is part of the city administration.
The other members of the PMU city-team represent the departments of the city administration, relevant to capaCITIES.

Steering Committee (SC)

The SC is the supervisory body of the project and acts on behalf of the parties involved in the project.

Composition of the SC

The SC consists of the following four permanent members:

  • Two Representatives of SDC India
  • Two Co-team leaders of the IA
  • A deputy team leader and financial manager of the IA

Ad-hoc Technical Committee (ATC)

An ATC, which would comprise national or international experts, who are not part of the IA team and whose know-how cannot be provided from the IA team will be constituted to provide temporary support to the IA and the PMU.