City of Coimbatore

Experts visit to the city of Coimbatore

1. Visit of solid waste management experts:

In order to develop a detailed understanding about the issues related to waste management in the city of Coimbatore, a three-membered team of subject matter experts visited the city in December 2016. The team comprised of Mr. Raphael Fasko and Mr. Stephan Textor from Rytec AG, Waste Technology, Energy & Resource Concepts, Switzerland, and Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, from ICLEI South Asia, India.

The team carried out extensive discussions and conducted site visits in the city. Discussions with regard to the overall solid waste management scenario, current methodology used for processing, status of the compost plant, landfill and closed dumpsites were carried out with Mr. K. Saravanakumar, Assistant Executive Engineer, SWM and Mr. P. Dhanasekar, Manager, United Phosphorus Limited (UPL). The team also discussed these issues with Mr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan, City Commissioner.

During the site visit to the SUNYA zero waste model ward, the Zonal Sanitary Officer and Sanitary Supervisor explained the waste collection process that is continuing since it was initiated during the SUNYA project implementation. The team of experts observed the process of source segregation in houses, collection of segregated waste from the houses and transfer of waste from push cart to solid waste collection vehicles and the process of weighing recyclable items.

The team also carried out a visit to the closed dumpsite at Koundampalayam, along with the Zonal Sanitary Officer and the Assistant Engineer who explained technical details of the process of closure of the landfill, methane capture and quantity of waste. The team also visited the Recyclable Sorting Facility at Koundampalayam, along with Zonal Sanitary Officer. At the site, Mr. Prasanth, Coordinator, Meipporul NGO and Facility In-Charge, explained about the process followed for sorting of recyclables. The expert team also visited the no dumping collection apartment where the collection of waste is taken care of by the apartment members. This is supported by ACC Cement, through their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The team also held discussions with Mr. S. Shyam, CSR Manager, ACC Cement. Visits to the transfer station and stations for weighing of the solid waste collection vehicles on weigh bridge, unloading of waste from these vehicles and loading of the waste into the compactor were also made by the expert team.

The team carried out detailed discussions with Mr. A. Sathyamurthy, Manager, UPL, at the Vellalore Compost Plant, in order to understand the process followed in the plant. The team visited the compost processing plant, landfill, leachate point, open dumping point, windrow processing area and manure processing area. Discussions with regard to the modalities and issues related to the landfill closure were also carried out by the team with him.

The team also met Mr. Alwin Prabu, In-Charge of the vermi-compost plant that has a processing capacity of 100 tonnes/day. Presently, three tonnes of waste are used for the bio-methanization plant and the electricity generated from biogas plant is used for lighting in the plant. Then, in order to understand process followed for weighing the corporation owned and contracted SWM vehicles and the RFID tagged vehicles, the expert team visited the weighbridge at Vellalore. Discussions were also carried out with the ragpickers and vendors at the Vellalore compost yard. The experts also visited the chicken waste dump site, the Nanjundapuram bio-methanization plant and a home composting centre located at Peelamedu.

The visits have helped the experts to understand the solid waste management process existing in the city and identify possible quick win projects like implementing the decentralised SUNYA zero waste segregation and collection in 3 wards in Coimbatore and possible bankable projects like developing solid waste management strategy for the city as a whole.

2. Visit of waste-water management experts:

The city of Coimbatore was visited by a team of waste-water management experts in December 2016. The team comprised of Ms. Simone Buetzer, Waste Water Expert, Hunziker Betatech AG, Switzerland and Ms. Soumya Chaturvedula, Programme Coordinator, ICLEI South Asia, India. The team carried out detailed discussions with Mr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan, City Commissioner, Mr. G. Rajendran, City Engineer, Mr. T. Gnanavel, Executive Engineer, Mr. Ravi, Assistant Engineer in order to understand the present waste water management system in the city and the issues pertaining to the same.

The expert team carried out site visits to eight water bodies, along with the Assistant Engineer, to understand the current status of the water bodies. These waterbodies are:

  1. Narasimpathy Tank
  2. Krishnampathy Tank
  3. Selvampathy Tank
  4. Kumarasamy Tank
  5. Selvachintamani Tank
  6. Periakulam Tank
  7. Valamkulam Tank
  8. Singanallur Tank

The team also met Mr. S. Basker, Smart City Convener, IC Centre for Governance, Coimbatore Corporation who shared his views on integrating urban and wetland system in Coimbatore, and Mr. Srinivasan, Executive Engineer, JNNURM who explained the existing underground waste water system in the city. The visit helped the expert to understand the waste water management system in the city and identify quick win projects such as restoration and renovation of Singanallur Water Tank.