Bankable Projects in Coimbatore

1. E-waste Management including Collection and Disposal

Coimbatore generates approx. > 10 TPD and almost all the E-waste is collected and transported in an informal manner. As per the E-waste (Management Rules) 2016, “Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s, i.e., Municipal Committee or Council or Corporation) shall ensure that e-waste pertaining to orphan products is collected and channelized to authorized dismantler or recycler.” So, everything apart from the 21 products mentioned under the E-waste (Management Rules) 2016 is for the ULB to ensure that it is collected and channelized to an authorized dismantler. A partnership for collection, storage and safe disposal is proposed which would while enabling the management of E-waste would also create awareness and build local capacities.

2. Micro-composting Center at Vegetable Market at Ward 23

Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) has adopted Micro-composting (MCCs) and zero waste as a strategy for managing municipal solid waste has accordingly constructed 6 MCCs based the operational viability of which such an approach would be adopted for operating and maintaining MCCs across all wards in the City. It is estimated that each MCC will handle 5 TPD of wet waste. Almost all the wet waste is collected and transported in an informal manner. It is proposed to collect such waste using e-MCVs. Waste characterization has shown that the waste could be used to generate compost which sells in local market. It can also be used to generate RDF pellets which can be used as fuel for generating heat for various purposes.